G’day, mates! Just as we northern types are heading into the short days and waning sun of fall, the land down under is shedding winter and waking up to spring. So this month, we decided to take a journey to Australia’s largest and best-known city, Sydney.

Sitting on the waterfront, Sydney has plenty to offer in water activities and beaches, but even landlubbers can enjoy some of its best attractions.

The business capital of Australia features some of the country’s best architecture. Sydney’s most iconic landmarks include the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which the brave can climb with professional assistance, and the white shell-like roofs of the Sydney Opera House.

The city’s central greenspace, Hyde Park, features tree-lined avenues and a number of architectural sights like Archibald Fountain, the ANZAC Memorial to World War I veterans, and the Hyde Park Barracks Museum, where you can experience how convicts lived in the 1800s when they provided most of Australia’s labor.
For more green encounters, visit the Royal Botanic Gardens, comprised of many feature gardens thriving beside Sydney Harbour.

Rounding out some of the city’s best architecture is St. Mary’s Cathedral and the Queen Victoria Building, inside of which you can explore not only Victorian design but contemporary fashion boutiques and restaurants.

And if that whets your appetite for shopping, don’t miss Darling Harbour, a waterfront entertainment complex that offers shops, restaurants and family attractions like an IMAX theater and the Sydney Aquarium.

So if you’re not quite ready to let go of summer, maybe you need to head south…way south, that is…and visit the land of kangaroos and koalas. Until you can make your escape, take a vacation from fall and enjoy this desktop getaway.

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