Nature has created countless beautiful places around the globe, but few bring the word "grandeur" to life more obviously than Yosemite National Park. Located in California's Sierra Nevada mountain range, Yosemite has drawn people into its valley for thousands of years, and today it is one of the most-visited of America's national parks.

Tunnel View, a viewpoint just north of the Wawona area of the park, provides an initial glimpse into Yosemite Valley and the granite cliffs and peaks that frame it. Among them are the sheer face of El Capitan and the sharp drop-off of Half Dome.

After entering Yosemite Valley, it's worth stopping at the Yosemite Visitor Center to explore interpretive exhibits and plan your time in the park.

When you're ready for a bird's eye view of the valley, head into the higher elevations and check out Glacier Point, which is also a good spot for stargazing from the amphitheater. Or climb up Lembert Dome to sneak a peak into Tuolumne Meadows and enjoy an alternate view of the peaks surrounding Yosemite Valley.
And when you've had enough of the high country, the sapphire waters of Tenaya Lake invite you to swim, boat or simply relax lakeside.

Though these are some of the more iconic sights of Yosemite, there are many more hidden jewels that combine to make this one of the most majestic spots on Earth. We've decided one desktop getaway isn't quite enough to cover it all, so enjoy these major Yosemite sights and then look for February's newsletter, "The Other Yosemite."